Hollow Sections (HS)

Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. (Tube Division) entering into the new horizon of stainless steel square hollow sections & stainless steel rectangular hollow section with the latest technology, high proficiency and knowledge acquainted technicians having the production capacity of 3600 MT per annum.

Manufacturer & Exporter of stainless steel round tube, stainless steel square tube & stainless steel rectangular tube. We have the distinction of being a pioneer in the manufacture, export and supply of quality hollow sections for domestic & International Market. The India based company manufactures using ultra-modern and environment friendly technology.

Reliable has an advantage over other companies in the manufacturing of stainless steel shs and stainless steel rhs due to huge stock of stainless steel plates, sheets and coils. Reliable can manufacture stainless steel square pipe and stainless steel rectangle pipe for architectural purpose with any kind of bends and designs.

The application of stainless steel structural tube is in Malls, Hospitals, Airport, Buildings and other structural areas. Reliable can manufacture stainless steel welded profiles with different shapes and laser cutting. It provides a value added service of stainless steel laser cutting on round, square and rectangle tubes.

Stainless Steel Square Section and Stainless Steel Rectangular section can be manufactured in different grades and sizes with a very wide range.

Reliable is catering to the needs of its clients globally by manufacturing high quality stainless steel architectural tubes used for different applications. Reliable can make high radius curve bend in stainless steel square pipe and stainless steel rectangle pipe.

Reliable can manufacture ss square tube and ss rectangular tube from 2 mm to 50 mm thickness. It is the most competent in its industry in ss welded profiles due to the huge stock of sheets and coils.


We offer a wide range of products, which are available in various sizes, dimensions, shapes, etc with value added Services. our products cater to the varied industrial requirements of our clients. We also offer customization exactly as per client’s requirement. Our materials of product portfolio includes:
» Carbon Steel
» Mild Steel
» Stainless Steel
» Alloy Steel

Industries We Serve

Focused on being the global leader in exporting Steel & Metals. Our superior quality products find application in various industries such as:

EPCShip BUilding Industry
RefineriesWater Treatment Plants
Chemical & Petrochemical IndustryFertilizers Industry
Power PlantsSugar Company
Offshore & On ShoreGovernment Organization
DocksTrading Company
Engineering & Fabrication UnitsMachinery Manufacturers
Oil & Gas IndustryAgricultural Equipments Mfgrs


The reason why stainless steel is so appealing to use for many of its uses is because of its resistance to corrosion as well as its oxidation in low and high temperatures thanks to its high levels of chromium. These and other features are what separate stainless steel from other mild steels. Even though stainless steel square tubing may not be the cheapest option available on the market, there are many benefits to using it.
Aside from offering excellent resistance to corrosion, which further makes it incredibly useful in thin wall piping, this tubing also offers low fluid friction properties and are also incredibly easy to maintain. This contributes tomaking stainless steel square tubing incredibly cost effective. This type of tubing has also been used in the construction of long-lasting and safe structures such as factories.
These tubes have been made to withstand many different environments with many varying temperatures. Other types of stainless steel tubing and its uses include:

  • Austenitic: This type of tubing is non-magnetic, ductile and is excellent for welding. It is used chiefly to make kitchen wares, containers and large scale piping with.
  • Ferritic: This type of stainless steel square tubing shares a lot of common traits with austenitic, but offers a lot better resistance to corrosion. It is used in the manufacture of indoor equipment such as a washing machine.
  • Austenitic-Ferritic and Duplex tubing: This tubing is both ductile and strong, and its main use is found in industries such as the shipbuilding sector and paper pulp industries.
  • Heat resistant tubes: These are used for steaming where temperatures can reach very high levels. They are also entirely resistant to heat and are used in boilers.

These are only a few of the many types of stainless steel square tubing products that keep many of South Africa’s most important industries moving. We are the proud stockists and suppliers of a wide range of aluminium alloys in sheets, coil, tread plates and plates. We also stock a wide variety of Duplex, Austenitic and Ferritic grades stainless steel coil, sheets and plates. All of our extensive range of products are sourced form the best quality local and international mills.

If you are looking for affordable and competitively priced stainless steel square tubing in South Africa, then look no further. Contact Stalcor today to discuss all your stainless steel requirements today.