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We are manufacturing Pipe Sleeve, API line Pipe, Carbon Steel Pipe & Tubes, Alloy Steel Pipes & Tubes,  Welded Pipes, Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes, Titanium Pipes & Tubes, 4130 Pipes, Internal Pipe Clad (Cladded Pipes), Nickel Alloy Pipes and Tubes, Steel Plates, Hollow Sections (HS), Pipe Bends and Spools, Tube Fittings, 4130 Pipe Fittings, Barred Tee, Iron Chromium Aluminium (FeCrAl), Nickel-Chromium (NiCr), Fabrication Works, Fasteners, Ring Type Joint Gaskets and supplying worldwide.

Our Products

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Pipe Bends and Spools

Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings

4130 Pipe Fittings

barrel-tee 9

Barred Tee

Iron Chromium Aluminium (FeCrAl), Nickel-Chromium (NiCr)

Fabrication Works



Rinf type joint gasket

Ring Type Joint Gaskets

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Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd is still looking for business partners and competent persons to work with. We are looking for distributors / agents who can market our products all around the world.

The world's most accessible inventory

Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd is having largest stocks of piping products ready to ship today on your customize order, from commodity carbon steel piping to rare and specialty alloy products.

For the the latest information on products in stock, call: +(91) – (22) -43431313 (25 Lines)

We’re building the world’s most complete inventory of pipe, fittings and flanges. We aim to deliver an unprecedented selection of piping products with the best service and supply chain in the world. To reach our goals, we are building the world’s premiere team of piping product experts and providing the opportunity and environment for our team to succeed both personally and professionally

Reliable Pipess & Tubes Ltd.

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Third Party Inspection

Our team of experts maintain a vigil on the quality of the products. Every single piece is attached with test certificates and reports.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance system is guided by principles that support our unique working culture which incorporates respect.

Quick Delivery

We can supply or export our Products and Services to Worldwide with best delivery companies on time as per our principles.

Best Customer Support

Build strong relationships with our customers – which we achieve, for example, by employing and training local workforce.

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