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Threaded Fittings Manufacturer and Supplier

Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings, Duplex Steel Threaded Fittings, Inconel Threaded Fittings, Nickel Threaded Fittings, Monel Threaded Fittings, Hastelloy Threaded Fittings, Copper Nickel Threaded Fittings, Alloy Steel Threaded Fittings, Carbon Steel Threaded Fittings, Titanium Threaded Fittings, Alloy 20 Threaded Fittings, 254 SMO Threaded Fittings, Threaded Fitting Types Types Manufacturer in Mumbai India and can export in worldwide.

Threaded Fittings manufacture

About Threaded Fittings.

Standard Specification for Threaded Fittings

Dimensions: ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799
Size: 1/8″~4″ (DN6~DN100)
Pressure Class: 2000LBS, 3000LBS, 6000LBS
Value Added Services: Hot Dipped Galvanizing, Epoxy & FBE Coating, Electro Polish, Sand Blasting, Threading, Soldering

Manufacturing Standards of ASME B16.11 Threaded Fittings

ASTM A182 – ASME SA182Standard Specification for Wrought Austenitic Stainless Steel Piping Fittings
ASME B16.9Factory-Made Wrought Buttwelding Fittings
ASME B16.11Forged Fittings, Socket – Welding and Threaded
MSS SP-43Wrought and Fabricated Butt-Welding Fittings for Low Pressure, Corrosion Resistant Applications
MSS SP-95Swage(d) Nipples and Bull Plugs
BS3799Specification for Steel pipe fittings, screwed and Socket-welding for the petroleum industry

ASME B16.11 Threaded Fittings Dimensions

Asme B16.11 Threaded Fittings Dimensions
Center to End
Center to End
45° Elbow
Outside Diameter
of Band
Minumum Wall
Thickness G
Length of 


End to End
End to End
End Wall 
G Min.
Length of 


Types of Threaded Fittings

Threaded Elbow manufacture

Threaded Elbow

Threaded Tee manufacture

Threaded Tee

Threaded cross manufacture

Threaded Cross

Threaded Coupling manufacture

Threaded Coupling

Threaded Union manufacture

Threaded Union

Threaded Plug manufacture

Threaded Plug

Threaded Fittings Types by It’s Size, Class, And Wall Thickness

DescriptionClass Designation
Elbows 45 and 90 degrees
Tees, Crosses, Coupling
Half-Coupling, Cap
1/2 – 41/2 – 21/2 – 2
1/2 – 41/2 – 21/2 – 2
1/2 – 41/2 – 21/2 – 2
Pipe WallSCH 80 / XSSCH 160XXS


Threaded Fittings Available Types with us.

  • Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings
  • SS 304 Threaded Fittings
  • SS 304L Threaded Fittings
  • SS 304H Threaded Fittings
  • SS 309 Threaded Fittings
  • SS 310 / 310S Threaded Fittings
  • SS 316 Threaded Fittings
  • SS 316L Threaded Fittings
  • SS 316H Threaded Fittings
  • SS 316Ti Threaded Fittings
  • SS 317 / 317L Threaded Fittings
  • SS 321 / 321H Threaded Fittings
  • SS 347 / 347H Threaded Fittings
  • SS 904L Threaded Fittings


  • Duplex Steel Threaded Fittings
  • Duplex Steel F51 Threaded Fittings
  • Duplex Steel F60 Threaded Fittings
  • Super Duplex Steel F53 Threaded Fittings
  • Super Duplex Steel F55 Threaded Fittings


  • Inconel Threaded Fittings
  • Inconel UNS N06600 Threaded Fittings
  • Inconel UNS N06601 Threaded Fittings
  • Inconel UNS N06625 Threaded Fittings
  • Inconel UNS N08800 Threaded Fittings
  • Inconel UNS N08810 Threaded Fittings
  • Inconel UNS N08825 Threaded Fittings


  • Nickel Threaded Fittings
  • Nickel UNS N02200 Threaded Fittings
  • Nickel UNS N02201 Threaded Fittings


  • Monel Threaded Fittings
  • Monel UNS N04400 Threaded Fittings
  • Monel UNS N05500 Threaded Fittings


  • Alloy 20 Threaded Fittings
  • Alloy 20 Threaded Fittings


  • 254 SMO Threaded Fittings
  • 254 SMO Threaded Fittings
  • Hastelloy Threaded Fittings
  • Hastelloy UNS N10276 Threaded Fittings
  • Hastelloy UNS N06022 Threaded Fittings


  • Copper Nickel Threaded Fittings
  • Copper Nickel 70/30 Threaded Fittings
  • Copper Nickel 90/10 Threaded Fittings


  • Alloy Steel Threaded Fittings
  • Alloy Steel F5 Threaded Fittings
  • Alloy Steel F9 Threaded Fittings
  • Alloy Steel F11 Threaded Fittings
  • Alloy Steel F21 Threaded Fittings
  • Alloy Steel F22 Threaded Fittings
  • Alloy Steel F91 Threaded Fittings


  • Carbon Steel Threaded Fittings
  • Carbon Steel ASTM A105 Threaded Fittings
  • LTCS A350 LF2 Threaded Fittings


  • Titanium Threaded Fittings
  • Titanium GR 2 Threaded Fittings
  • Titanium GR 5 Threaded Fittings


  • Threaded Fitting Types
  • Threaded Elbow
  • Threaded Tee
  • Threaded Union
  • Threaded Cross
  • Threaded Full coupling
  • Threaded Half coupling
  • Threaded Plug
  • Threaded Bushing
  • Threaded Boss
  • Threaded Insert
  • Threaded Hex Nipple
  • Threaded Swage Nipple
  • Threaded Street Elbow
  • Threaded Bullhead Tee

Threaded Fittings Applications

Nickel 200/201Marine and offshore engineering
Caustic handling equipment
Manufacture and handling of sodium hydroxide
Reactors and vessels where fluorine reacts with hydrocarbons
Hastelloy C-276Pollution control stack liners, ducts, dampers, scrubbers, stack-gas reheaters, fans, and fan housings
Flue gas desulfurization systems
Chemical processing components like heat exchangers, reaction vessels, evaporators, and transfer piping
Sour gas wells
Monel K500Sour-gas service applications
Oil and gas production safety lifts and valves
Oil-well tools and instruments like drill collars
Oil well industry
Chains, cables, springs, valve trim, fasteners for marine service
Monel 400Marine engineering
Chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment
Gasoline and freshwater tanks
Crude petroleum stills
De-aerating heaters
Boiler feed water heaters and other heat exchangers
Valves, pumps, shafts, fittings, and fasteners
Industrial heat exchangers
Chlorinated solvents
Crude oil distillation towers
Incoloy 800H/HTEthylene furnace quench boilers
Hydrocarbon cracking
Valves, fittings and other components exposed to corrosive attack from 1100-1800° F
Industrial furnaces
Heat-treating equipment
Chemical and petrochemical processing
Super-heater and re-heaters in power plants
Pressure vessels
Heat exchangers
Incoloy 825Chemical Processing
Oil and gas well piping
Nuclear fuel reprocessing
Components in Pickling equipment like heating coils, tanks, baskets and chains
Acid production
Inconel 600Chemical industry
Heat treating industry
Nuclear Engineering
Gas turbine components
Inconel 601Chemical Processing
Heat treating industry
Power generation
Heat treating muffles and retorts
Radiant tubes
Catalyst support grids in nitric acid production
Steam superheater tube supports
Inconel 625Specialized seawater equipment
Chemical process equipment
Inconel 718Chemical processing
Pollution-control equipment
Nuclear reactors
Cryogenic storage tanks
Valves, fasteners, springs, mandrels, tubing hangers
Wellhead completion equipment and blow out preventers (BOPS)

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Threaded Fittings Export Destinations

India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Oman, Azerbaijan, Finland, Chile, Jordan, Venezuela, Canada, Namibia, Spain, Iraq, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Angola, Brazil, Hungary, Nigeria, Mexico, Libya, Iran, Colombia, Gambia, Hong Kong, Philippines, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, United States, Kazakhstan, Peru, Russia, Puerto Rico, Macau, Bahrain, Belgium, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Tibet, Lithuania, Qatar, United Kingdom, Chile, Afghanistan, Sweden, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, Morocco, Norway, Kenya, Algeria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Thailand, Bolivia, Ecuador, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Romania, Ukraine, Greece, Estonia, Yemen, Denmark, Lebanon, Gabon, Bhutan, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Slovakia, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Mexico, Nepal, Poland, Singapore, Portugal, Malaysia, Argentina, Belarus, Egypt, Australia, Kuwait, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Austria, Serbia.